Creative director:
Tanakorn Runglaksa

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Perfume name: Merit of Kathin

Perfumer name or Team: Tanakorn Runglaksa

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                   Merit of Kathin             
                    Once, I had the opportunity to participate in the Kathin Ceremony at Wat Pa Phu Kon, Udon Thani Province. It is an exquisite temple, located on top of
a picturesque mountain surrounded by gorgeous nature.
                    Stalls of local street food lined the temple’s alleyways. The sun slowly rising as the morning dew began to dissipate. I could smell the amalgamation of aromas from all the different food stalls. From smoky grilled corn, luscious fruits to nostalgic Thai desserts, the combination was so enticing. I particularly remember the aroma and taste of this one food item that I’m fascinated to this day, Khao Ji. This traditional charcoal grilled glutinous rice, cooked to a perfect soft texture, mixed with the shop’s special ingredients filled the air with a sumptuous smell. The taste, the aromas, and the atmosphere of this glorious event are still vivid in my mind.

                   I would like to share the memories of this joyous and delightful experience through the scent that I have created.

                  I want everyone to feel as if they had stood in the midst of the Kathin ceremony and feel the joy of “Merit of Kathin” just like I had that day.

Top notes : Apple red, Orange, Peppermint, Ozone, Green notes.
Middle notes : Ylang-ylang, Lotus, Jasmin, Corn, Rice.
Base notes : Orris, Cashmere musk, Amber, Smoke, Sandalwood, Honey.