Thai Perfumers is a non-profit organization devoted to access, education, and experimentation with scent. We would like to develop the perfume community and make it more well-known. 


Thai Pefumers were founded in 2020 from a small gathering of Thai perfumers. The main purpose is to share information and knowledge, organize activities, and then the group started to grow through activities while we were making an effort to develop the perfumers’ community. 


Thai Perfumers is devoted to supporting artists and people in related fields who have passion for perfumery. We encourage experimentation through projects with arts and technology cross-modal perception focusing on scent. Our goal is to create a new starting point for those interested in scents and to encourage new research and development. We are committed to making the community as active, lively, and friendly as possible. 

We hope to provide the following programs:

Perfumery Education: We provide the opportunity for enthusiasts to learn the art of perfumery.
Technology: We produce and support new technologies or theories for creation and applications of scent.
Creative Activity: We provide activities for perfumers of all levels to explore creative ideas without the pressure of having to produce for the mass market.
Thai Presence: Thailand has a rich and diverse cultures and local products. It is one of the areas that we would like to present and develop through perfume-making.