Judging systems are complex, requiring judges from various industries to provide fairness for contestants. In the final round, we will select 5 finalists in each field based on the scores from judges’ evaluation. 

In the Final round after the audition, all works will be evaluated by the judges in each category. Then the finalists’ perfumes will be exhibited to the public and mass media before the announcement of winners from each category in 25-28 July 2024, Which will be shown on Page in FACEBOOK : THAI PERFUMES


The judges of the Aesthetics of Scent Award are experts, artists, and executives related to the perfume industry with expertise in international level. With their wide understanding of fragrances and different backgrounds, they can provide fair and unbiased evaluation for various kinds of perfumes, from artistic to commercial point of view.


The judges’ decision will be based on perfume evaluation and explanation in the presentation. There is no limit to the nature and concept of the work and contestants can present the ideas in either written or illustrated form. The perfume description is the only way the contestants can elaborate the ideas, complexity, and techniques behind the perfumes, which may affect the outcome of the evaluation.

Not being a perfume that intends to imitate pre-existing perfumes already in the marketplace. If the committee determines that such works have the possibility of duplicating other scents. The committee will request that the formula of the perfume creation be submitted for accompanying further consideration in order not to be disqualified from the contest. The formulas submitted by the contestants will be kept secret. If the formula is not submitted as proof of innocence such works will be immediately disqualified. If the applicant cannot disclose the formula to the committee, the committee reserves the right to disqualify such works.

During the judging period, please respect judges’ privacy and opinion.


Judging art and design awards is an unpaid role which is a great dedication for the development of a holistic society. The committee’s decision is considered to be the most dignified, impartial, based on the promise of fairness for all works as follows.

* Judges are to follow the provided scoring guidelines.
* Judges are to evaluate every submission fairly, without any bias.
* Judges will not receive any kind of commercial benefits from any contestant.
* There will be no secret conversation with the contestants.
* Judges will not respond if contestants tries to discuss about the judging process.
* Judges will not use confidential information from the competition for their own or their organization’s benefits.
* Judges will not use confidential information from the competition to damage the reputation of other person or organizations.

* Judges will keep all the secrets during the perfume submission and the evaluation process.
* Judges will not disclose any judging details to outsiders.
* Judges’ evaluation is based on their personal opinions. External opinions should not affect the evaluation.

Violation in any of these rules will result in voiding the judge’s evaluation result.