Tanakorn Runglaksa

                   For all my life, I have been a dancer and dance instructor. This profession allows me to go to dance functions, where I pay great attention to details such as clothing and choices of perfumes I wear to add confidence to my ensemble. That was the starting point of my obsession and passion for perfumes. Last year, more and more people around me started to compliment my unique scent, and some suggested that I should try making my own line of perfume. It sparked an idea, and I began to study, research, and find information about perfumery. Then, I found out that there would be a Thai perfume competition at MBK department store, and I knew that I had to check it out.

                  Upon taking my first step into the event, I was blown away by all the Thai perfumers’ works that were on display. Every piece opened my eyes to a world of perfume that I had never truly experienced. I was utterly inspired, and it motivated me to study and delve deeper into the art of perfumery.

                  I have come to a realization that perfumery is not just chemistry, but also an intricate art form. I am determined to explore and educate myself about ways that perfumers can translate their artistic imaginations into reality, and use that knowledge to create perfumes that reflect my true fascination.