Creative director:
Metas Ngernjan

Brand or organization: JOH Science&Scent

Perfume name: The Smell After Rain

Perfumer name or Team: Metas Ngernjan

Website or Facebook: JOH Science&Scent


                    Present to future Under the bottom of their feelings, people look for unadulterated spontaneity. Scent conveys meaning, feelings, emotions, memories and nostalgia. Therefore being inspired to create fragrances for the world now and in the future.  While the rain is falling, the wind is blowing, or standing in the big forest Looking at the heavy rain After that, you will feel The scent opens with a fresh, fragrant, clean, pure like raindrops. cool splashes on the skin Then take a deep breath to fill the lungs, feel the feeling of receiving ozone from nature. It’s a gift from nature. that people nowadays crave Feeling happy, hopeful, relaxed both physically and mentally. Combined with the aroma of freshly cut grass soaked with rainwater. The more it adds a feeling of freshness and comfort.  Ending with the smell of Geosmin soil washed by the mysterious fragrant rainwater, charming beyond words. Stimulate newness at the tip of the nose. but reminds me of a good image  Calone gives a feeling of good smell, cool, clean, fresh, ozone.  Hexenol cis3/Hexebnyl Acetate cis-3 gives a fresh scent. like freshly cut grass like freshly cut grass  Patchouli/Ambroxane/Cedarwood/ISO E Super gives an earthy, charming, mysterious vibe.  Galaxolide adds another dimension to the fragrance. Merge all scents into one, mellow, mellow fragrance, attractive to find.