Creative director:
Atthaphorn Santhawee

Brand or organization: artepolé

Perfume name: The Great Gatsby

Perfumer name or Team: Thaniya Theerakul

Website or Facebook: artepolé


                   Our The Great Gatsby fragrance draws its primary inspiration from the film of the same name “The Great Gatsby”. Some scenes in the film transport us to New York City in the 20s, the first century of many innovative lifestyles. artepolé needed you to feel the charisma of the modern vintage vibe of the Gatsby era. Imagine being surrounded by the opulent banquets of the aristocracy during that time. Beyond the aromas of food, drinks, and tobacco, what other scents would fill the air? We sought to interpret the essence of the affluent crowd from a modern generation’s perspective. 

Imagine the aristocratic fragrances of that era (20s) with notes of Sandalwood, amber and Leather, coupled with the soft, feminine scent of that era with notes of Iris and Violet paired with subtle spices like cardamom and cinnamon supported in the background to emphasize the luxury charm, with its composition featuring the pure and natural notes of ambergris. This combination creates an unforgettable scent that embodies charm, attraction, and a lasting impression.

NOTES: Natural Ambergris, Sandalwood (wizard), Sandalwood Abs., Cinnamon, Amber (wizard), Cedarwood, Iris, Iso E Super,Papyrus Compound,
Pine Silver, Leather, Violet, Cardamom.