Creative director:
Vorames Tubtimaramwong

Brand or organization: MYND Perfume

Perfume name: KWAN

Perfumer name or Team: Vorames Tubtimaramwong

Website or Facebook: MYND Perfume


                  Beautifully inspired and derived by the main character “Kwan”, of the all time favorite Thai classic novel , Plae Kao (Old wound) , Which was composed by Khun Kan Puengboon Na Ayudhya (Penname : Mhai Muangderm) with highly respect..       
                  Kwan, a young villager from Bangkapi field, who has dedicated his true love to the one and only, Riam The most iconic Memory that always reflects the best scene from the novel is the place where these 2 lovers have vowed and swore their eternal love at the shrine of banyan by the riverside of Bangkapi field. The scene demonstrates the grass field of Bangkapi , that filled up with the scent of fresh green grass, soil , betels and betel nuts and traditional perfumed powder, and surrounded by the scent of the canal.

                 This beautiful and memorable scent has been inspired and created to reflect the overwhelming happiness of those 2 lovers , which ended up by their death. And the lovers blood have flown along the river back to the shrine of banyan where they have swore their eternal love.