Creative director: Nutachart Pengrungrojanachai

Brand or organization: MysNyx

Perfume name: Film noir

Perfumer name or Team: Nutachart Pengrungrojanachai

Website or Facebook: MysNyx perfume


                   Film noir🌘 It’s the first scent in “The Lone Wolf Collection”🐺 This scent conveys the gloomy atmosphere of Film noir with black & white visuals. The story of a movie like this typically reflects the human mind. My favorite movies are Sin city, The Lighthouse, The Artist, and Batman(Neo Noir).
                   🐺This Film noir scent always reminds me of scenes in black-and-white movies. The climax✨ of this movie type is often cut off with other colors which is my favorite part. Accordingly, I came up with a scent idea with a dark and gloomy-like scent and cut it with different colors. Personally, I really like the Batman 2022 visuals. The Film noir scent represents 3 colors: black, white, and orange.The first note of this fragrance begins with Aldehyde, Mandarin🍊 and leather at the core of this fragrance. It is the first dimension that plays with the smell of leather. Next, the second dimension begins to have floral tones which are Ylang Ylang and Tuberose pure essential oils. When Aldehyde is mixed with floral, you will feel the brightness of pure white light. The third dimension exudes warm tones from cinnamon bark essential oil and Animalic🐾 (Castoreum and Civet) that enhance the warm and curly tones of Leather. This scent provides a warm orange glow. Lastly, the fourth dimension is the best quality Burmese Oud which is the most expensive substance in this fragrance. I put it 20% with no accord oud added. When the Burmese oud similar to Cocoa + a unique woody scent with Leather is mixed, the final scent has a dark blackness.
                 🐺 I’m very determined for creating this masterpiece. I used almost 120 substances. I would like everyone to open up and enjoy my artwork, thank you very much ❤❤

Top notes : Aldehyde, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin orange.
Middle notes : Leather, Castoreum, Tuberose, Civet, Galbanum, Magnolan, Cinnamon bark, Labdanum absolute.
Base notes : Real Oud(Burmese), Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss.