Creative director:
Atthaphorn Santhawee

Brand or organization: artepolé

Perfume name: Eau de tenderness
Perfumer name or Team: Rujira Trakulyingcharoen

Website or Facebook: Artepole Perfume : Your scent, yourself


                   It’s a fragrance that unexpectedly inspired us. It happened very quickly on a relaxing weekend when we went to sip coffee in a chill café in the vintage-style Nang Loeng old town district in Bangkok. While enjoying my coffee as usual, observing people coming in and out of the café with delight, suddenly my attention was caught by a young couple who entered the door, chatting and laughing, heading straight to the bar counter. They ordered drinks and desserts, sat down to enjoy them while having a lively conversation, nestled in one corner of the shop, blending perfectly with the trendy vintage atmosphere of the place. What struck us the most was that both of them had a fresh, youthful vibe, despite their casual style and effortless charm. It was strange to see such a contradiction in harmony that we couldn’t take my eyes off them. At that moment, a spark ignited in our mind, generating an idea. What if there was a fragrance that could create a signature scent, evoking a sense of charm in everyone’s laid-back lifestyle. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Immediately, a voice echoed in our minds. It must be the time for “Eau de Tenderness.”.

Eau de Tenderness brings a touch of charm to your day, inspired by the comforting and relaxing ambiance of strolling through the Old Town during a sunny and peaceful holiday. The scent opens with bergamot, grapefruit, and pomelo, followed by the subtle aroma of white tea leaves, creating a serene and contemporary sensation. It is complemented by gentle notes of jasmine petals, harmonizing with the soothing herbal scent of Wan Sao Long, infusing a touch of modern vintage. The fragrance concludes with the comforting notes of sandalwood and powdery from iris, providing a clean, light, and chillaxing aroma. It is a fragrance suitable for the new generation, perfect for wearing on easygoing days that secretly carry a whiff of a vintage or old-school, creating a unique charm for you.

Top notes : Bergamot, Cardamom, Pomelo.
Middle notes :
White tea, Jasmine, Wan Sao Long.
Base notes : Sandalwood, Iris.