Asama Madadam

                    Asama Madadam is currently working as a R&D (Research and Development) in the Cosmetic and Household appliances industry. I was enthusiastic about perfume science. I had appreciated aromatics and perfume since I was a young child, influenced by my mother. I always get excited when I smell the perfume in the new bottle my mother bought. I think the scent of perfume is truly fascinating. It can relate persons or past events, reveal identity, and convey stories devoid of any restrictions. For this reason, I decided to study cosmetic science, because I want to learn more about the processes and subtleties involved in perfume science.
I submitted my first perfume in the competition of THE AESTHETICS OF SCENT AWARDS 2023 branch of Thailand Enhancement Award (street food), and developed perfume utilizing what I had learned, combining my instinct with my experience until it was born as a “RED PASSIONESS”