Creative director:
Kijjasak Triyanond

Brand or organization: Vibration Perfumes

Perfume name: Apocalypse

Perfumer name or Team: Kijjasak Triyanond

Website or Facebook: Vibration Perfumes


                   I held the little boy tightly in my arms, my back leaning against an old tree in the park. The young children around me looked at me with hopeful eyes, seeking help in a world that had become desolate and barren. The question lingered in my mind — could we continue to survive in this world?

The weight in my arms became lighter as the child’s life slowly slipped away. I could feel death approaching, A reminder of the many lives lost to the destruction brought by the human race. This boy would be the last remaining member of my family, just like me.

Looking around, I saw the once great city reduced to rubble, the result of humanity’s utter disregard for the environment. The last sight of civilization was a sea of flames, the city burning to ashes.

Surrounded by the chaos and destruction, this tree still stood, reminding me of the faint scent of the forest from my childhood. It was a small glimmer of hope in a world where humanity had been lost to its own destruction.

With the boy’s final breathe, I closed my eyes and imagined a world where life could thrive once again, where the smell of death was replaced by the laughter of life. And I made a promise to do everything in my power to bring about this better world, for the children who looked up to me for hope.