Creative director:
Pimpitchayarat Trakoonngoenthong

Brand or organization: AtelierS.

Perfume name: Alpino Pino

Perfumer name or Team: Pimpitchayarat Trakoonngoenthong

Website or Facebook: AtelierS.

Living in the big cities surrounding by pollutions makes me feel deeply seek to see and be a part of nature. The inspiration from part of my life when I was living abroad in Italy, seeing falling snow for the first time, the mountains look different from my homeland and pine trees and its smell locked my eyes and interested, these are my impression of the first visiting Alpine villages / mountains. When I was on top of the mountains, that was I feel I am a part of the nature and only just a small piece of this world. Pine smell, the nature inspiring and memorable memories from other part of the world, represents refreshing, relaxing and warm feelings. Combinations of ingredients were considered from natural ingredients and pine tree appearance. Starting with top notes representing clear blue sky, fresh and comfortable day to see mountains view from far away. Then middle notes showing pine trees being closer and smelling its leaves from essential oil. Deeper in the forest, the base notes revealing strong woody smell and also ground / soil smell with its moisture.     

Top notes :
Green Tea, Eucalyptus.
Middle notes :
English Lavender, Fir needle. 
Base notes :
Cedarwood, Patchouli.